- What's my Golf Club worth?


What's my antique golf club worth?

Since 2004  years or so I've received a lot of emails from people all over the world asking me for advice on what an old club they have is worth. It might have been bought in a junk shop or found in their attic. I actually really like receiving these emails as it broadens my knowledge in that sometimes quite unusual things turn up, plus it obviously helps them.

In short, the best course of action is for you to take some pictures and email them to me at info@timewarpgolf.com

1. Take a picture of any writing on the back of the club head

2. Take a picture of where the shaft meets the club head

3. See if a fridge magnet is attracted to the shaft half-way along it.

Email the pictures to me at info@timewarpgolf.com

I try and reply to all emails within a few days.

It is important to realise that the majority of wooden shafted clubs from the early 20th century are not that valuable. A trip on eBAY will reveal they sell for on average about 10 GBP, or 20 USD, each. But, of course, some are worth more, so it's always best to ask me if in any doubt.

I also get asked a lot "do you want to buy this club?". I have bought many clubs this way over the years, but usually the answer is "no thank you" because 1) the club may have obvious problems meaning it is not good for either playing with, or it may not be rare enough to warrant it being displayed 2) you might live very far anyway from me and the cost of posting might be more than the club is worth 3) my valuation is considerably lower than what you perceive it to be worth.

Anyway, if you do have an old golf item and you are wondering what it is, or what it is worth, them by all means send me an email, I'll be happy to help. Regards, Gavin Bottrell, info@timewarpgolf.com  Warwickshire, UK. 

Here some pics of some very valuable golf clubs - these are valuable because not many of them have survived since the time they were made. 

The following are pictures of what collectors call "common clubs". Condition is very important when it comes to market value. Common hickory golf clubs typically trade for between 5 and 50 british pounds each depending on condition, maker and playability.