Blackheath's 400th Anniversary- June 2008

Blackheath Golf Club claims to be the oldest golf club in the world, having been founded by King James I. I was lucky enough to be asked to help them celebrate their 400th anniversary by supplying them with antique hickory shafted clubs. The club laid out 5 specially recreated holes on the common. Over the course of the day 250 players took part including many famous celebrities and sports stars. Also the clubs president HRH Prince Andrew dropped in for a chat. The only downside was that I was so busy from 6am in the morning till 10pm at night that I hardly had any chance to take any pictures. The next day I did find time to look around the club's private museum of artifacts. I would highly recommend you visiting it if you have a chance.

The lifesize portrait of Henry Callender dating about 1800..the painting is undated but the first print was commissioned in 1812.

This was the scene just before play commenced at about 6am in the morning. As the common is actual common land players wore traditional red. 

Painting commonly known as "The Blackheath Golfer" showing Willian Innes playing on Blackheath Common in 1788. The Blackheath Golfer

I spent about 10 minutes chatting with Prince Andrew explaining about the old antique clubs.