Some rarer items from my personal collection. 

Check back often as I will be rotating the items on display. 

Regards, Gavin Bottrell


Reference:66-1500-45 McEwan Short Spoon dating 1860/70

Reference 876-1400-221 McEwan Long Nose putter dating 1860/70

 Ref 564-1800-675 Tom Dunn Mid Spoon c1870s

Ref:66- 375 -45 Mills Brassie Spoon

Rerence : 34-350-22     Ball to Ball Aluminium & Wood Driver by TYLER

Reference : 14-400-33 Travers Patent Design Dual Face Putter

Reference : 21-650-43 Lillywhites Wooden Faced Putter 

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD


Reference : 98-3500-88 Feathery Golf Ball dating about 1840. (100 % genuine). 

Reference : 94-495-12-X  Army and Navy No 1 Golf Ball dating about 1900

Reference:12-650-675 Silvertown Solid Gutta Percha ball c 1880s. Nr mint condition. 

Ref 12-80-876-X Colonel Floater

Ref 12-450-450-X Arch Colonel 

Ref 453-450- 765 Zodiac dating 1906

Ref 453-600-765-X Star Challenger (hairline case split)

Ref 12-1350-768 Hand Hammered Gutta Percha Ball . Dating around 1855/1860. The pattern is called the "Forgan Pattern" though no makers name is evident... but it is stamped feintly 27 1/2 which is the size of the ball. 

Reference : 78-470- 23-X Paper wrapped ball . Square Mesh pattern can be discerned under the paper. Lovely 1920s art deco writing on the paper. never seen another. 

Reference : 56-85-45-S Detroiter Square Mesh ball in near mint condition. 

Reference : 11-375-22 Spalding Bob Bramble. Good condition. 

Reference : 23-300-12 Bussey Solid Gutta percha ball dating 1890. Size 271/2

Reference : 58-600-45 Eclipse Patent Ball 1870s . mixture of gutta and cork.. "Goes off the club like a thief in the night". Great marketing strapline. 

Reference : 58-800-45 The Resilent ball with diamond ring cover pattern. 

Reference : 58-350-45 Why Not Bramble dating 1913

Reference : 58-450-45 Capon Heaton Donut Ring Pattern

Reference : 58-550-45-X  A "Red Fern Favourite" circa 1912 for use when the fairways are snowy or daisy covered. 

Reference : 58-350-45 TBD


Reference : 543- 1900--76 Autographs from the 1928 Open Golf Championship in St.Andrews. About 54 signatures...all major names have signed including Vardon, Braid, Taylor, Cotyon, some US players including Mielhorn and Walter Hagen , and also Autographs of top tennis players of the time. I know who the book belonged to. 

Reference 85-2000-85-X Silver Pocket Watch Awarded to J.H.Taylor for 2nd Place in the Open Championship 1905. Longines movement, fully working . 

Reference : 84-250-66 Sunday Stick (walking stick) by Auchterlonies dates about 1900. 


Reference : 11-225-66 Sunday Stick by Alex Patrick dating around 1900. Has general wear marks all over but still very beautiful and functional. 

Reference : 14-1500- 33 An Irish Players Badge from 1989 Open Championship with signed letter of provenance. Bought direct from the Ex-Ryder Cup player.

Reference : 14-700-33 Original oil painting of the 15th green at Gleneagles by renowned Scottish artist Craig Campbell. measures about 2 ft x 18 inches. I got in touch with the artist who confirmed it was painted in about 1990 as part of a series. Copy of email communication kept! Some of Campbell's paintings have sold for it n excess of 10k. 

Reference : 14-350-33 TBD

Reference : 14-350-33 TBD

Reference : 14-350-33 TBD

Reference : 14-350-33 TBD