- Hiring Hickory Golf Clubs

In 2004 I gathered together enough antique golf clubs to make 55 playable sets. Since then I done events at some of the most premier golf courses including Stoke Park, Royal Blackheath, Portmarnock, St.Andrews, Carnoustie, Royal Liverpool, Alderley Edge, Eastbourne, The Warwickshire, The Buckinghamshire, Walton Heath, and many other great courses.

See more details by clicking this link to be taken to my other website  Hickory Golf Club hire Basic package price £399. 

or please don't hesitate to give me a quick call 07708 661 659 (UK mobile). Regards, Gavin Bottrell. 

Up to 55 bags of genuine antique hickory golf clubs for hire. The clubs are all about 100 years old! All clubs have wood shafts and are genuine antiques that play beautifully! Great for your club’s anniversary or centenary!

“It was absolutely fascinating. I was amazed how well you can hit the ball with the old clubs!“ David Edwards, Director of Golf & Premier Golf Trick Shot Artist, Forest Pines

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience” Chris Bertram , Editor, National Club Golfer Magazine

“We had a great time playing with the old clubs” Paul Barrington, PGA golf professional and British Long Drive Champion 

Here's what I can provide for a Timewarp Hickory Golf Day.

- up to 55 sets of genuine vintage hickory shafted golf clubs (up to 50 right handed sets and 5 left handed sets ). Each set is provided in a smart leather carry-bag. The set contains six clubs which was a normal playing set 100 years ago (a wood, a mid-iron, a mashie, a mashie-niblick, a niblick, a putter )

Players provide their own tees and balls - something soft like a Dunlop Solo or Titleist ProV1 tend to work best.

- I can take photos on the day of participants. Though not a professional photographer, I'm well practiced at taking decent shots of groups of players. Electronic copies of these pictures will be provided after the event on a disc for reproduction by yourself however you wish.

- I will provide two genuine antique clubs as prizes. These can be awarded for whatever feat of accomplishment you wish ...nearest the pin, or best dressed man/ lady tend to be chosen. Encouraging "dressing up" does tend to bring out the fun aspect of playing with the old clubs. Also, stableford competitions are best for hickory golf.

- I can give a 20 minute talk on "the history of golf and old golf stuff" during the day. Usually, either before, or straight after play in a bar/lounge area works well. For this reason shotgun starts work well.

- People tend to be concerned about breaking the wooden shafts. All club breakages are at my risk, though players take part at their own risk concerning others' property and personal liability.

- Having a side putting competition tends to work well!

- I charge a flat fee for the use of all 55 sets and my services. Whether you utilise all sets is your call...the price remains the same whether you use 20 bags or 55 bags. Sharing of bags between players is commonly done. The most I've catered for was 250 people at in one day at Royal Blackheath in 2008 ( their 400th anniversary!)...the least 24 players. Contact me for pricing...it may vary slightly depending on how far I have to travel to your club.

A typical group of hickory golfers! We even had some fun with my very large Callaway Driver...great fun!!!