November 7th 2022 - text copied from a post I put up on Facebook on that date.

STOP PRESS: I settled down to read a newly purchased book tonight. Early Golf by Neil Millar . Page 107 showed something that I became familiar with a few months ago...King Charles II had a named golf club maker listed as David Gastiers in 1682. What Neil highlights is that the King also had a "goffe clubmaker" in 1663... James Carstairs. It is thought that Gastiers was actually Carstairs and that possibly David and James were of the same family. Suddenly my mind went into a spin thinking of this man with the initials J.C....because the Troon Clubs (recognised as the oldest known set of clubs in the world) carry the initials J.C ( !!!!!) amongst other symbols such as a thistle and a crown. I think this could be highly important circumstantial evidence for stating that James Carstairs made the Troon Clubs in the early 1660s. Maybe Carstairs made them as a gift for the King after being appointed as clubmaker after the King's restoration in 1660 !!! Or maybe James Carstairs used this stamp (lozenge) when he made clubs for others...a sort of Royal Warrant ... to advertise that he was clubmaker to the King.